My mac mouse is stuck on right click

If this fixes your click, still consider reinstalling macOS on your Mac. The issue is software related and will return if you ever change the settings back. Third-party drivers to teach your Mac to talk to hardware made by other companies. Unfortunately, these drivers sometimes interfere with other functions on your Mac — like the click. Wacom Tablet users had this exact problem.

MacBook or Magic Trackpad gets stuck in clicked mode - AppleToolBox

Users found that by uninstalling or updating the driver, they could quickly resolve the issue. Use Finder to check for third-party drivers in the Applications folder. Try to update them if possible or move them to the Trash if not. Then make sure you empty your Trash and restart your Mac to test your click.

A corrupted file in the operating software of your Mac could be why your trackpad sticks in clicked mode. Reinstalling macOS removes this possibility by returning your Mac operating software to its default state. So be prepared to wait, and keep your Mac connected to the internet and power for the duration of the installation. That said, many users have had success with the method below. Over time, grime builds up to block the clicking mechanism of your Magic Trackpad. The original trackpad clicked by pressing down buttons on the base.

Whereas the Magic Trackpad 2 has a top panel that clicks down. Either Magic Trackpad can be cleaned using a slightly damp lint-free cloth. Wipe the edges of the panel or the buttons to work away grease and dirt. MacBook batteries can swell with age and put pressure on the trackpad. If your MacBook battery is removable, take it out and inspect it carefully for swelling. Does it rock back and forth on a table?

Are the edges flat and straight?

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Does your trackpad click with the battery removed? Contact Apple Support for a battery repair if you think you need one. Replace the battery on your Magic Trackpad to a brand new one. Or if you have a Magic Trackpad 2, ensure it is fully charged up. Low battery levels cause a litany of errors — including your trackpad getting stuck in clicked mode.

This should confirm which part needs replacing and how much it will cost. Perhaps the cost was too high or the location too inconvenient. With the right tools, an antistatic workspace, and some competence with a screwdriver, you could save a pretty penny with a home repair.

Choose your model MacBook or Magic Trackpad from the options at the top the page and find instructions for the trackpad repair. Make sure you read the full repair instructions before you begin.

How to turn right click on for a Magic Trackpad or MacBook trackpad

As well as all the comments at the bottom; they often contain useful warnings and tips from other readers. And of course, make a backup of your Mac before anybody attempts a repair on it. Especially yourself! Let us know what happened and how you managed to fix it in the comments below — we love to hear your stories! He spent two years supervising repairs as a Genius Admin for Apple Retail and uses that knowledge to keep our troubleshooting guides up to date.

I tried.. Hellhammer said:. Ice Cream Man macrumors member. Jan 1, 83 0 Earth.

Mouse Not Working in macOS? Use these Fixes

If it's account specific then reinstalling OSX over OSX isn't going to lift the problem as it sound like either a preference setting, or some other program is 'grabbing' controle of that function. I thought gestures worked on the Magic Mouse as i don't have one can't you just double tap two fingers at once to right click? Also have you tried just holding the Control key and left clicking, the old way to get right click? Just to make sure it's not something inhibiting right click all together. Ice Cream Man said:. May 31, 38 PA.

I just started having similar issues with my MacBook I also restarted a lot and repaired permissions and repaired the hard disk from the install disc. Messing with system preferences didn't help. I also only have one user account. My trackpad doesn't allow button or touch clicking. It sometimes, after a restart, will function normally with a USB mouse but when I move the cursor with the trackpad the problem reappears May 11, 2 3.

Left click does not work on either BT mouse or pad I had the same puzzling condition. It turns out I had 2 BT mouses connected at the same time. One was on in my carrying case and one I was using on the desk. The result was: no left click! Turning off one of them solved the problem. A quick check is to close the lid of the macbook. Upon opening the left click on the pad will work briefly, few seconds, before the BT get reconnected. Reactions: jeffmikey , linlu and pmontero. May 19, 1 0. Ok, edatmpa totally solved my problem.

For some puzzling reason today, my left click started to not work. As you can imagine, this make your computer useless. I got a magic mouse with my imac, but don't like to use it so I have a normal kensington mouse. Somehow, my magic mouse ended up in the vicinity of my computer probably my kids and caused my left click to not work.

It was shoved behind my printer so maybe it was being clicked So make sure that you don't have your magic mouse and another mouse connected at the same time. I may never have figured out this solution Jun 20, 65 1.

Fix: Right Mouse Button Not Working on Magic Mouse

Keyboard was also non-responsive. Rebooting the Mac Pro fixed the problem, but it was super frustrating trying to fix this. Apple should be made aware. Reactions: linlu. Aug 7, 13 1. I had the same puzzling condition. Reactions: jeffmikey. Dec 26, 3 1. For me it was that I had a touchpad under some papers on my desk which slowly grew higher until it was activating the left click and freezing same on my magic mouse. Feb 10, 2 0 Koh Samui, Thailand.

My Macbook black has today stopped left clicking and only occasionally will it right click. Neither the trackpad, click bar or USB mouse will work. Any help gratefully received. Jun 9, 1 1. I have an i mac. I use a trackpad and a mouse both are connected at once. On starting it I found that the left mouse button did not work on either device but everything else did. I looked in the forums for similar problems and the solution, i then realized from the replies that it appeared in my case to be a problem with the trackpad, so I removed the batteries from the trackpad and lo and behold problem solved.

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  • Cannot left click, Only right click is available..

Kali-in-SoCali macrumors newbie. Jun 18, 1 2. It's the Bluetooth I had the same problem. Apparently if you have another computer that uses another Bluetooth mouse, you will get this problem. The disk permissions repair will fix the keyboard Bluetooth connection.

Reactions: UltimateGeek and ErikGrim. Aug 26, 1 1. Left and right clicks registering as right clicks.

It turned out to be something quite silly. I had a bluetooth keyboard that I didn't realise was connected.