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The patch includes bit graphic drivers. August 2, bit boot. So, greedy Apple, can boot bit kernel on all their macs with bit cpu but decides not to! Comments LoneWaffle. August 2nd, pm. The remaining question is about addressing RAM. August 4th, pm. August 5th, am.

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August 5th, pm. August 7th, am. August 9th, am. August 10th, am. Ok, I found the drivers, all is well…. The horror of the inter webs…. August 12th, pm.

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Out of the four new or re-branded apps in Catalina, three of them are here to take over parts of iTunes:. With the new Music app, Apple Music and your library finally feel like they are on equal footing. The app has a new design, with a crisp, modern feel, but there are still some issues as Jason Snell pointed out earlier this summer at Six Colors:. The deck chairs have been rearranged on the top-level play bar — Now Playing content is now aligned left, with controls moved to the center and volume to the right. The venerable Column Browser in the Songs view, which was once the primary way users interacted with iTunes, seems to be gone.

I also would often select an artist in the Column Browser, then select a few of their albums, and shuffle through them in a temporary, impromptu playlist. Some of those features can be mirrored using different parts of the Music interface, but none are as fast or convenient. I think for most users, Music is an improvement over iTunes, but power users of the old app may be frustrated by the new one at times.

Music is not a Catalyst app, despite looking very similar to the new Podcasts app.

Just open its preferences window. If you still need it, syncing with an iPod or iOS device is now handled by Finder:. Podcasts is a new Catalyst app on the Mac, and if you use the Apple Podcasts app on an iPad, this is going to be very familiar to you:. I have to give it to Apple, despite Music and Podcasts being built on drastically different foundations, the two apps really do feel like siblings.

Like Music, the new TV is app is built on the foundation of iTunes, 14 but feels far more modern. It blends local media and old iTunes purchases and rentals with streaming content pretty seamlessly, and even takes advantage of Apple TV channels, which bring paid streaming content into the app. It feels like the Apple TV experience, in a window on the Mac. As it does every year, Apple has updated many of the built-in apps that come with macOS. What follows is not a comprehensive collection of those changes, but the ones that have jumped out at me this summer.

As of this writing, I have nearly 47, photos and 1, videos in my library. While I am very good at making albums and keeping things organized, it is easy to lose track of things over time. Like its iOS 13 sibling, Photos on the Mac has gained new views and tools to deal with the challenges of ever-expanding photo libraries. One nice touch I want to mention here is the automatic playback of Live Photos and videos as you scroll through your library.

SOLVED: Booting into 64 Bit Kernels and extensions! - MacBook Core Duo - iFixit

The whole thing springs to life as you go exploring. That, and the larger image previews seen above, really make Photos a more enjoyable place to be. Sadly, Apple has yet to do much about the fact that people in families want easier ways to share their photos with each other.

My kingdom for iCloud Family Support to come to photos. Safari 13 shipped in late September for users of Mojave and High Sierra, as Apple views its browser as a way to keep users of older operating systems as secure as possible. Sign in with Apple, smarter password creation tools and the ability to switch to an open tab when you start typing its URL all make Safari 13 a nicer place to be.

Even if the Start Page is nice and full of useful things:. Like bit apps, this extension change means the end of the road for several bits of software you may have depended on up until now, including the likes of uBlock Origin.

In short, they are in of themselves small Mac apps, and come bundled with parents apps. In Catalina, Notes gains the ability to share an entire folder of notes with others, which is fantastic. No more. Also new is a gallery view, which I love for notebooks full of PDFs: I had mixed luck with this in testing, however. Checklists have received a makeover this year, too. Items in a list can be reorganized via mouse or keyboard, and checked items can even move themselves to the bottom of the list if you so desire, and an entire list of checked items can be marked as unchecked at once.

As someone who uses a Notes checklist every time he packs for a trip, I welcome this change. Since its major refresh a few years ago, Notes has become better and better. I have over notes in it, and use it for all sort of things. It has become integral to the way that I work, even if it still has the weird textured paper background…. Reminders is faster, has loads of native integrations and looks nicer. For the most part, the new Mac app matches the iOS 13 version in features, including one that I really like.

Mac Pro Upgrade Vlog. 12-Cores, 64GB, and Pascal Graphics!

You can tag someone in a reminder and next time you send them an iMessage, the Messages app with show you that reminder. So, so smart. I have a couple of issues with the new Reminders, however, that may keep it from being my daily driver. First, the new UI is not flexible enough.

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  • I should be able to adjust the text size of items in a list, because right now, it is tiny. While I appreciate the ability to sort a list by due date, tasks without a date should go at the bottom of the list, not the top. The current sorting is madness. Reminders feels slow in comparison. It can detect some metadata, but then requires you to use the arrow keys or the mouse to confirm what it thinks you want.

    Common things like creating repeating tasks requires too many clicks. Thirdly, when a list is sorted by due date, tasks without a due date appear at the top of the list, ahead of upcoming dates. This breaks my brain in ways I simply cannot describe with words, as someone who only sorts his tasks by due date. What is in Reminders this year is a good start, but Apple needs to keep its foot on the gas to make it great.

    This means you can not only see where your friends are, but also locate your devices, and the devices of those in your iCloud Family Sharing plan all in one place. In the past, if your iPhone was stolen and not on a cellular or Wi-Fi network, it was invisible to Find my iPhone, and difficult to recover.

    Pretty cool. All of this works well and looks great, but the removal of the old Find my Friends Today view widget is a real bummer. This feels like a nice way to sum up where macOS Catalina is. That comes with costs, and the road is now littered with the dead bodies of bit apps and frameworks.

    No 64-Bit Snow Leopard Kernel For You!

    And yes, this means that Dashboard is finally gone. We should all take a moment of silence for our dearly departed widgets…. The questions are obvious: are all of the broken workflows and inevitable support questions worth it? Will consumers notice or care about these sorts of things? Does anyone read the fourth questions in lists like this?

    Some people think all of this is bad for the Mac, and that by trying to lock things down and force iPad apps to run on Mac hardware, Apple is devaluing the Mac and its user base. I simply refuse to believe that. Apple has made a huge investment in building these tools for developers, and if the Mac was doomed, the company would be content to leave the platform out of these changes.

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