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Nope, with this setup the video feed will be displayed on your computer screen with the bundled video capture software.

How to transfer VHS tapes to your Mac | Alexander Skogberg

The composite video cable yellow is used, hence the leftover S-Video cable top right. The new one I bought worked fine and it had 20 pins. If a tape contains 30 minutes of footage, the transfer will take 30 minutes. Each transferred tape will then be saved as its own video file. For using the video capture software Empia that is bundled with the Plexgear dongle, I have the following advice:. Screenshot from one of my transferred tapes. Good times apparently. After transferring the first tape, the file size ended up being much larger than I expected. A recording of just around 30 minutes weighed 1.

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Another tape with a runtime of two hours and six minutes took up a whooping 25 GB. I needed to compress these files.

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Handbrake worked wonders and shrunk the 30 minute recording from 1. The 25 GB recording was shrunk to just 1. Quality stayed the same, nice! Setup before converting the transfered video tape to H. I store them on:. My dad also stores the video files like this. Do not just burn the video files on DVDs. After transferring, compressing and storing your video files you might want to edit them. Several of my video files contained long moments with just a blank screen before the next segment.

Transferring old VHS tapes to digital form is time-consuming, but very rewarding. Some memories will surprise you, many will make you smile and others will be bittersweet to watch. A definite recommend if you have old tapes to convert. I already am ahead of the game in just 5 tapes. If you have found my product review to be helpful, please hit the helpful button.

Vidbox Video Conversion for Mac review: Preserve analog video memories with ease

This will make it easier for others to find this review so they may be helped as well. You certainly do not have to, I do not get anything from it, but I get a good feeling that Add to cart. This is a very simple device to capture analog video and audio to your computer, and the software produces a file that is compatible with both Apple iMovie and Roxio Toast Titanium products.

It is certainly as good as the Elgato product which costs more than double the cost of this product. Top-Longer USB 2. Using it on a mac running a pretty old OS forget the goofy names they give them sorry.

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  • 1. Getting the equipment.
  • Simple interface once you fumble thru it. Software lets you choose quality preferences. Had to install the software thought maybe the mac would recognize it and i could run it thru iMovie. Make sure you register software when prompted. Records in real time with no sound but sound is there at playback. Cheap and efficient. I bought this one several weeks ago and transferred 52 VHS cassette to my computer. I finished it and gave to my friend to do so also. He was very satisfied, it was simple and was working as they said.

    Real easy device to use. I had to install Audacity to capture the audio.

    2. Connecting the equipment

    You can use the AUX cord to capture stuff off you're phone too. This is a great inexpensive audio capture device. We had some old audio cassettes that we wanted to preserve in digital format. Having looked into hiring out this service we thought we would try to do it ourselves. I would like to point out that it suggests that you disable any anti-virus software on your computer in order to install the software included on the disk Once we connected the RCA cables to our cassette player the software pretty much did the work for us.

    We were surprised how easy the process was and the audio quality was pretty good coming from a 30 year old cassette tape. I am not a techie type person and was hesitant to try this myself but was surprised at how simple the process was and the results were good. Converter functions exactly as described" - by Tenille Martin. Great for old home videos - weddings, school concerts, etc etc.

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    Device worked as required. Simple instructions. We downloaded the program to a Mac and did have some problems with the audio but we downloded to our Windows 10 and it worked flawlessly. Simple to set up, and at a very reasonable price. I used to have an option out of my Directv STB, but that has been replaced. This little device plugged right in to my optical output on back of tv and gets power from a USB port on back of TV as well.