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RAM determines how quickly the network attached storage is able to call up, or access, data stored in the disk drives. The bay count of an NAS refers to how many disk drives it can store. The maximum storage capacity for any network attached storage depends on two things: the number of bays and the capacity of the hard drive disks.

A Guide to Choosing the Right NAS

If you work in manufacturing or resource management, you are probably familiar with the idea of redundant systems. Redundancy provides a backup in the case of systems failure, like a generator during a power outage. Although redundancy is not always beneficial in manufacturing, redundant disks, or RAID, protects date stored on your network attached storage and speed up your system. Every business has different storage needs, and there is no single network attached storage that will suit every situation. If your office or business has only moderate cloud storage needs, then you may be satisfied with the Synology DiskStation Private Cloud.

You could install a 2 TB drive or a 5 TB drive. In this case, however, you should max out your disk drive, as there are no further bays for expansion. However, for moderate storage usage, this NAS does its job. You can easily access stored data remotely through mobile apps, and the NAS will sync up to multiple online cloud accounts if you want to back up your data with further security.

Although most businesses and commercial enterprises use Windows-based computers, there are some people who prefer Apple software and operating systems. If this is you, you may be interested in the Apple Time Capsule. The Time Capsule is more than just network attached storage. It automatically backs up your information, and with 2 TB of storage, it can hold quite a bit.

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It syncs with your online cloud storage and it functions as a Wi-Fi base, making it easier to share a wireless printer or hard drive with other computers. The Time Capsule has some limitations, however. Furthermore, it only works with Apple computers, making this useless for anyone running a Windows PC. On the other hand, Apple Time Capsules are not expensive and they do not use diskless drives, so you could always purchase more Time Capsules and sync them together to improve your storage space. If you need to back up more than 10 TB of data, however, the Time Capsule is not your best option even with multiple units.

Both options have Gigabit ethernet connections and USB 3. My Cloud automatically syncs your computer and other networked computers into your personal cloud storage.

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This decreases the total overall storage, however, and larger firms and businesses will likely need an NAS with more data storage capabilities. But entrepreneurs and others with smaller storage needs will likely be satisfied. The previous NAS models have all been more or less suited for home use or small commercial endeavors. It only features two bays, which limits your expansion to two individual disks.

To keep enough ventilation, there's a mm air fan at the back of this unit. Each of this bay can have a maximum storage of 1 4 Gigs which makes the maximum storage capacity of this NAS up to 28 GB too much for any home-based user. These bays are aligned in a vertical position which not only makes this device compact overall but also makes your storage devices easily removable. Another advantage of its low-key nature is that it only weighs 1.

To keep this unit operating, an Intel Celeron J dual-core processor is running 2. In terms of connectivity, there are three USB 3. There's a copy button which is basically a one-key shortcut that enables you to copy all data from your external HDD over to this unit.

NAS for Apple Users | A fast way to backup & sync your Mac | QNAP

This OS comes with many useful apps, and you can also download many more add-ons which makes this whole thing really exciting. There's a feature called File station which is basically a web management tool that lets you easily organize files in a secured and easy-to-understand manner. This app is also found on Synology routers , and you can think of it as an App Store for this unit.

Since this NAS comes with RAID 0 configuration , you'll get maximum storage capability, but there's no backup plan if any of your two disks become dysfunctional. But before you disappoint, Synology has a solution in the form of Synology C2 , a free backup solution for all your important files that stores all of your data on the Synology-guarded servers.

Some other cool features of this app include scheduling backup, one-stop service, maintaining file history, etc. My cloud personal is hybrid storage by WD which gives you best of two different worlds: It's more compact and costs less than most of the other NASes while giving you way more functionality than traditional Externals Hard drives. Having the dimensions of 4.

On the back side, there's an Ethernet port, a USB 3. Being a single-drive NAS, it comes with a pre-installed single 3. Setup wise, this is the most straightforward and beginner-friendly NAS I've ever got my hands on. While WD gives a quick installation guide out of the box, I didn't need to go for it even once. You just need to turn it on, connect it to your WiFi router through an Ethernet cable and you're done. Soon after the setup, three main server folders will be available to all the devices on the network by default.

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Once you've installed that software, it'll find this server to ask to create the first account for yourself which will have admin privileges. After this, you can use this admin account to add new users.

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Every time you'll create a new user, a new private folder will be allocated to that user that no one else can access. These sections allow you to further enhance the functionality of this device. Using this account, you can access a shared folder and share content on your server from a remote location around the world. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. One thing to be noted here is that in order to have fast transfer between your server and that remote computer, internet connection should be fast enough at both ends.

The second feature Cloud Access gives you is the access codes on its smartphone app. This is it. In terms of performance, this unit did well without doing any groundbreaking stuff. First, since it's a single-drive setup, there's no data redundancy of any type, and you can't have any backup of your data.

You can do a workaround here by creating safe-points and transferring that data over to your external hard drive or another NAS from time to time, but it kills the whole NAS idea - central network storage where all of your data is safe. You can also get a dual-drive version of this server but that will cost you more and will be bigger in size too. Another area where we found this unit limited is streaming.

You can only stream video content only if its format is supported in your native device like a smartphone. Also, this unit also does some buffering and don't display content instantly even its's some pictures. But still, though, it costs less than its competitors and performs above average too.

This is why it's the best budget NAS you can have in RN was actually praised by its simple setup and personal cloud-related features. On the front side of this unit, there's a USB 3.

What's the best NAS drive you can buy?

Since it's a 2-bay disk-less unit, you'll have to put your own disks into it. Speaking of which, you can put as much as 12 TB storage into this unit 6 TB for each drive. Also, it's not necessary for you to buy 2 drives at once.