Mac mini hard drive replacement 2008

The hard drive or SSD is one component that you often can replace yourself, especially in older Macs.

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Before doing anything you need to be sure exactly what model Mac you have. This will help you figure out if you can upgrade the hard drive in your Mac, and help you find the right parts.

That's not you, right?

If your Mac is more than a few years old, you can almost certainly upgrade the hard drive. While it is possible to replace the hard drive on any Mac not listed above, how difficult it is varies wildly with the model. The Mac Pro is designed to have its hard drive replaced easily, while an iMac requires you to remove the entire screen. They have guides for every Mac model and sell all the parts you need. The one caveat to that is if your Mac is old enough to use standard 2.

Head to iFixit and find your Mac model. You can see the guide to replacing the SSD is right there. An in-line digital thermal sensor.

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Apple hard drives have temperature probes inside; third-party SSDs do not. This cable adds a probe to your SSD, preventing the iMac from panicking and turning on its fans at full blast whenever you turn the computer on.

Upgrading old Macs to SSD’s

There are software alternatives to this cable, but consider this a small investment that will reduce your need to screw around with manual fan controls while keeping your Mac running perfectly. In all candor, I had no idea how easy or difficult the SSD swap process would be.

Upgrading New 2014/ 2015 Mac Mini to SSD (Solid State Drive)

In my opinion, going the Time Machine route is a better idea when starting fresh with an SSD, and it costs nothing. You just turn off and unplug your iMac, swap the drives, then hold Command-R down on the keyboard when first restarting your Mac.

This will let you start using your iMac right away after the drive is swapped, without waiting hours for Time Machine, and for better or worse pretty much guarantees that every one of your files and potentially plenty of cruft will be exactly where it was before. For users with plans to swap an optical drive for an SSD, nothing needs to be done to prep software beforehand. Eight Torx screws need to be removed, which is barely challenging at all.

Figure out which orientation the SSD needs to be on relative to the 2.