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HTML for Kids Chapter 4 First webpage

Dedicated HTML editing programs offer a variety of web-oriented features not found in other programs. Many allow you to quickly and easily incorporate Java applets, JavaScript, animated graphics, web forms, and other advanced features. These programs also allow you to quickly design whole web sites with dozens of different pages. An example of a web design program is Adobe Dreamweaver.

Text editors

Adobe's Dreamweaver, and a great deal of other Adobe software, is available to IU students, faculty, and staff for download via IUware , or on DVD through campus bookstores. See About Adobe software at IU. This is document ahgb in the Knowledge Base.

Create and edit HTML documents

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Log in. This could, in fact, break certain features in your website. It converts the.

ARCHIVED: For HTML, what editing software is available?

On the New Document tab you might want to select plain text as the default format. This means that whenever you create a new file, TextEdit won't mess with the text. What you see is what you get. This is only for new files and the Format setting does not affect opening existing files.

ARCHIVED: For HTML, what editing software is available?

It does no harm, but you will see a lot of red wiggly underlines that are annoying. Tick the checkbox Smart quotes and dashes in rich text documents only.

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You don't want TextEdit changing anything. You should also clear the tick against Add ".

Web authoring tools

After making these changes find a. This alternative editing mode does not mess around with the HTML or CSS code and it makes Text Edit useful for quick and dirty changes to web pages that are on the disk drive. It does not convert HTML and it saves files back out as.

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Use TextEdit On Mac To Edit HTML Files

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