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I had a good look up against my desk lamp with a magnifying glass, I could count 10 pins, there is a spare gold pin either side of the 8 when looking in. All that and you never mentioned if the link light comes on the switch.

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  • You should also be able to see the status of the port from the Polycom menu as it should boot sip. Does anyone know how I can load Boot Rom 4.

    Possibly corrupt firmware on the device, but how do I check for that? Did you try to move the device to a location of another working device? Is your switch managed? Does it learn the MAC address of the Polycom when connected?

    How to Reset Polycom Phones Admin Password

    Is the VLAN field in phone set correctly? It could also just be broke. I read an artical,quote below hiltonmw wrote: If they are not pulling any DHCP info even, then I'd start with resetting the configs make sure there aren't rogue settings somewhere in there. If not, we may need to investigate further If so, you should be able to access the menus' to see what IP address it has static-ly assigned.

    If you've never used it before you may need some assistance with it.

    Polycom Boot Server

    Essentially, find the MAC address written on the bottom of the IP and look for it in the wire-shark logs. Do you see it looking for a DHCP address? If all these steps fail, you may need to get polycom on the horn and see about an RMA if it's under warranty.

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    • If you're using the AC Adapter, even an old hub could do. Based upon your inquiries, I'm assuming you're not a "network" guy, per-say.

      No offense, but how'd you get roped into supporting a VOIP phone system if you're not a network guy? You'll be behind the 8-ball without a fairly strong networking background, when supporting any VOIP installation. Absolutely not a computer guy.