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Donna Estes Smith Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by FishyFemale from Sappy? Sure but that's the point! This was one of the first hidden object games I've ever played. I liked the sappiness of it but it was surprisingly fun too. It's sort of like getting two games in one in that you get two bride stories with mostly different settings except for the subway and, I believe, one other. You can collect bluebirds for extra hints and there's a cool minigame where you can assemble the love stories of each bride by choosing different scenarios on how they met their grooms.

Additional minigames concern the scatterbrained brides leaving their to do lists in innocuous places and puzzles concerning table settings and assembling pipes for a chocolate machine. All of the above mentioned games can be skipped easily but the ones concerning the lists are actually fun to do.

A trick which I've never seen before is one where a certain item on your hidden object list traps you in various rooms and you have to perform a short series of tasks to get you out. Yes, you get to visit the same locations several times but you're looking for different items, and one quirk is where things go horribly wrong and you have to investigate the once lovely location which is now in disarray and you have to find hidden objects there as well!

So there's more to this game than just finding hidden objects.

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You actually have to think things through so that adds to the challenge. The game is also timed so when I got to the point where I knew where all the objects were in every scene, I skipped all the puzzles and minigames to see how quickly I could finish. I came in at just under two hours. Do the trial and see how it feels. I forgot two other minigames. Sometimes a cell phone will ring and you will have to find the phone in the scene you're currently in. I think you get minutes added to your countdown time.

Also, you're told in another game to look for a particular object in the next location, like a ring box, and you'll get extra minutes added there too. So there's actually quite a lot going on here for your money. You even get to choose your wedding dress, bouquet and cake too! What else can a girl want? Rated 5 out of 5 by SrRat from Wonderful! I finally found a Dream Day I want to buy! The mini-games are fun. The story lines better than just sappy. And the HOS are beautiful, crisp and appealing.

I got the biggest kick out of the Blue Birds of Happiness. They look like little punk rockers!

Dream Day Wedding

Copy and paste the code below to embed. Travel to Europe to plan the perfect Italian wedding in the 6th edition of this romantic hidden object series! Download Free Trial. Show: Most Recent Most Helpful.

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See in-game help for detailed instructions. Minimum Requirements:. Use your time management skills to run farms from Africa to Antarctica is this farm fresh sequel! Shockwave is the ultimate destination to play games. Try our free online games , download games , flash games , and multiplayer games. Shockwave has games for everyone!

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Shockwave adds games frequently so there are always new games available. Shockwave is the premier destination for free online games and premium download games. As someone who hates this type of game I went to the trouble to write this endorsement of the Dream Day series I hope that tells you something ; Date published: Love the other Dream Day games too, especially the Home and the las vegas wedding. Start with this one though. Date published: They all have the same quality I love in a HOS's and I love that you get to plan everything from how the couple met, the first date and even the ex-boyfriend coming back Rated 5 out of 5 by ninda2 from Love the Dream day series I love the dream day series, it sure is nice to play something fun and exciting instead of dark and sinister.

I don't give a 5 star very often but these games are great Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by togle from Wonderful!

Dream Day Honeymoon Game

This is my favorite Dream Day Game!!! The fact that you get to pick out the cake, dress, flowers, etc. For those of you who want just a good HO game with no brain damage this is the game for you. Fun and highly enjoyable with 2 different couples to plan weddings for so when you are done with the first you get to start all over and play the game again to plan the wedding for the second couple, then there is the bonus honeymoon at the end.

Highly recommend this game!!! Wish they would come out with another Dream Day game. I look every day to see if there is one there. Rated 5 out of 5 by Copperfield from Fantastic-ly conceived fun game! All the Dream Day Wedding games are in a class by themselves.

They're visually pleasing, there are lots of hidden objects to find; some easy and some very difficult; the story line is charming and I love the catastrophes that pop up. These games will definitely appeal to women but, guys, don't opt out without trying. I've bought all of them and play them over and over without ever tiring. Please - Big Fish - get some more of these on the drawing board! How about Dream Day Hawaii?


Rated 5 out of 5 by dawniettlucky from dream day wedding this is a great game could play it all day Date published: Love the mini challenges Date published: I love all the dream day wedding games. I've played them over and over. I had to have them all.