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To actually use Airdrop, it must be enabled on both devices. On your Mac, you need to launch Finder and click on Airdrop. Next, find your video file. Take that file and either drag-and-drop it into the AirDrop window, or control-click it and choose Share, then Airdrop from the share menu. In either case, you need to choose the right contact — which will be your iPhone — and send the file.

Once the transfer completes, you will be able to upload the video to Instagram.

The easiest method is to use a form of cloud storage. The two most common options are Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Drive in particular is already installed on most Android devices, so you only need to register your account to activate it and install Drive on your Mac. Run the file to install Dropbox, create an account, and configure your cloud storage. Make sure that you have enough storage space for the video file you want to upload!

Particularly large files might be restricted on a free version of Dropbox. You also need to download the Dropbox app for your smartphone. Log in to the same account you created earlier and sync your data. Your video should appear, allowing you to upload it to Instagram quickly and easily. Any time you want to upload a video in the future, simply add it to your Dropbox on your Mac and it will be accessible from your mobile device. Google Drive works in pretty much exactly the same way.

You can find the Drive app for Mac on their download page. Android devices should already have the app installed, but if not, the same page will provide it, or you can get it through the Play Store. There is no official app for Windows Phone, but there are third party options like Metro Drive, if you want to use it. Google Drive simply adds itself as a folder on your Mac, just like any other folder or network drive.


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Add your video files to the folder and they will be synced with the cloud. The next time your mobile device syncs with the cloud, the video will appear, and you can upload it to Instagram. Using Safari on your Mac allows you to do some tricky configuration in order to trick Instagram into allowing you to upload files and create posts. What you need to do is go to the Safari preferences drop-down and the Advanced tab. This adds developer options, which are generally used by people who develop apps and software to test for compatibility.

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Next, go to Instagram and log in. This will change the data your browser sends to the web, and consequently the data Instagram receives. Instagram will refresh in your browser and load the mobile version, as long as this workaround still works. From there, Instagram will function almost just like the mobile version, just with clicks instead of taps.

You also lose access to a lot of the editing and filter options.

Similar to spoofing a user agent, you can use an emulator to make your Mac appear to be a different device as far as Instagram is concerned. Emulators basically create a fake mobile device on your Mac, which runs apps as they would run in a mobile environment. The best, most fully-formed emulator to use is Bluestacks. Bluestacks is an Android emulator that works on both Mac and PC.

Using the Android emulated environment, launch the Play Store and download Instagram. Use this Instagram app to log in and upload your video, create your post, and use the site. Ideally, Bluestacks will work perfectly as if you were using an Android device.

There are a number of different programs you can use to fake having a mobile device for the purposes of Instagram. These are basically emulators bundled with Instagram and their own shell, making them somewhat fluid to use but limited in their functionality. Uplet is more of a business tool. It supports multi-accounts and video uploads, which is really all we need for this exercise. Flume is more of a desktop client for Instagram and works more like a skinned emulator with a single app.

Since posting is not allowed via API, any third party program that offers PC or Mac posting or media uploads is using a workaround. Always use extra security and take precautions before exposing your login information to a third party. Regardless, one of the five methods above should get you where you need to be in terms of posting on Instagram. Questions for us?

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Server selection Least Busy Recommended Use the server thats the least busy. This will provide the fastest download and conversion of your videos.

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Europe Use Servers that are located in Europe, in case you want to download country restricted videos. America Use Servers that are located in America, in case you want to download country restricted videos. Start downloading now!

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