Share files from mac lion to pc

To share files between any two machines they will need to be on the same network.

macOS Sierra: Use File Sharing to share files

The easiest way of doing this is connecting both machines to a common hub, switch, or router. A crossover cable can suffice as well, but it isn't typically recommended as it has many limitations. Once the machines are connected under the same network, you can use either the Mac or the PC as the host. Skip to Knowledge Base content Search Articles. Solution To share files between any two machines they will need to be on the same network.

This process is different depending on the version of Windows. These are the safest settings. Unless you have good reason to tinker with them, you should probably not change anything here. Doing so gives users on the Internet but not on your local area network some alternatives to file sharing: If you want to enable Windows or Linux users — or users of other operating systems — to share files with you, the SMB check box must be selected.

Select the On check box the leftmost column for each account you want to enable to use these protocols to access your Mac, providing the password when prompted. What are "Wave files"?


If you managed to set up the network as shown above, your computers will be linked and will appear in the network. If you have file sharing enabled in Windows, you will be able to transfer files over. I got a problem for once, i can access my laptop, it's got windows 7, but i can access my mac from my laptop. Any help? Hey, my System Preferences window doesn't have nearly as many options as yours, and so there is no "sharing".

Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

The closest I've got is "Network". Very helpful post.

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Worked perfectly for me. I followed your instructions with my Mac with OS Not much of a computer geek here - this sharing of files doesn't go beyond the computers on my home wireless network, right? My wireless network is secure. How can I share the mac files if the windows OS is installed in the sample laptop.

The scenario is I have a mac pro book and I have installed both the mac and windows OS in that. I guess you forgot to mention one important step that is "Select the user account checkbox to On state" after selecting Share files and folders with SMB before clicking Done. I'm not able to login until this checkbox is selected.

Also is it possible to use Sharing Only account to access a folder from windows? Since the user accounts shown below share files and folders with SMB contains only NON sharing accounts, it may not be possible. But is there any other solution please?

How to share files between Mac and Windows 10

Hi all, I'm sorry that I haven't responded to the comments quicker. To those who are having problems, I suggest that you re-check to see if you are within the same network as your Windows counterparts and also, fix the access privileges. But, i can't make the mac visible to the windows machines.

Excellent and easy way to share files, went through a few other tutorials before reaching this one and by far the best. Thanks Jackson!!!

How to Set up File Sharing in Mac OS X Lion

When i get back out of town to my ancient quicksilver g4 with tiger on it i will let you know if it works. I don't have Tiger to mess around with. You could easily turn on Windows Sharing in Tiger but you'll need to enable Windows Access on an account on your Mac running Tiger, meaning that you'll need to log in from the Windows box.

Hope that wasn't too confusing.

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Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. At last an easy option! PeeCees really don't want to share, and Win help is not. This worked great for me. Really appreciate it; I was pulling my hair out over this. Followed the directions, and it worked!