How to bypass find my mac 6-digit pin

That meant, with only 10, possible combinations, the passcode was susceptible to brute force attack. That's nothing new. It's been known since the start. What's new is that automated tools have now been developed to make the attack both easier and faster, and they're being reported on without a lot of context. So, is it something you should worry about?

A 4-digit passcode is the same basic type of protection offered on iPhone and iPad , but iOS devices are far more difficult to brute force and so far — outside of jailbreak — haven't been susceptible to automated attacks. Also, iOS offers the option for a much more secure, much stronger alphanumeric password to be set on the device. With automatic login turned off on your Mac, entering the Find my Mac passcode will simply reboot the machine into the OS X login.

Update for iOS 12

That password should be more secure than a passcode anyway, and at the very least is an additional layer of protection. An attacker with the physical access to your machine required to brute force a Find my Mac passcode also has the access required to crack the casing open, rip out the disks, and mount them on another, unlocked machine to access your data that way. That is, of course, unless you have FileVault disk encryption enabled. FileVault, by the way, removes automatic login as an option.

If you have both a strong OS X login password and FileVault encryption set up on your Mac, then you only ever have to use Find my Mac's lock feature if you've left your computer logged in and unattended and have a sudden reason to fear for its security. In that case, it works fine and any attacker intent and sophisticated enough to brute force the passcode would be greeted by the awesome OS X head-shake animation and a bunch of gobbledygook on the drive. If you've inexplicably decided not to disable automatic login and use FileVault, and you have to use the Find my Mac lock feature to keep someone from getting into your computer, then, yes, a sophisticated attacker could either brute force your passcode or simply rip out the disk.

I'd be tempted to say even the option for weak, remote passcode protection on OS X is better than the lack of any similar option on other systems but, drive yank. Are you using the OS X login and FileVault currently and, either way, does Find my Mac being restricted to a 4-digit passcode concern you? Which is great. But some people are getting a free year even without buying anything.

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How To Remove The Firmware Password On An Older iMac ( Pre 2011 ) Tutorial ( Apple Secret )

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Launch the Terminal application on you Mac. Then run the following sequence of commands one at a time :. Your Mac will reboot to the start of the initial Apple Setup program just like when you first powered it on after purchase. All clean and ready to sell or give to a new user. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Angie Birkholz Rep: 97 2 2.

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