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More details and discussion in the Forum. Bad news: Rikard announced that he is leaving the project. And to pass the project on to the next person if someone is interested. To make maintenance more enjoyable I moved the project from svn to git and from SourceForge to GitHub. UTF-8 is the way to go! To compile an old project, it has to be converted, see the forum discussion for further details.

The previously experimental support for playing WebM encoded movies is finally finished and usable. This means that it is now basically possible to run SLUDGE on all kinds of mobile and embedded systems like smartphones and tablets. It is already partly working on the Pandora handheld game console. If you need our help with porting, let us know! Also people with slow graphics cards like me for whom SLUDGE slowed down when antialiasing was enabled can hope for some speed increase.

The bugfix release 2. For now, if you don't use Debian unstable, the Download page tells you how to install the new packages on any Debian or Ubuntu system. It contains some bugfixes and the Sprite Bank Editor now allows adding or setting hotspots for multiple sprites at once. In February , Tim Furnish released the source code to his adventure game creation toolset, and since then we and others have worked on it to get it to where it is today. Downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux are available on the Download page.

The biggest change is that it's no longer a Windows-only thing. Release Cycles - Abstract racing game where you fight against the clock and the computer to get as far as you can in a product's life-cycle.


List of Macintosh games

Save The Forest - Save the burning forest! Snake - Clone of the classic Snake game. Spashal - Danger lurks around every corner in space. Square Off! Space Invaders - Remake of Space Invaders in require. Strategy Ancient Beast - Materialize and control beasts in order to defeat your opponents! Trigger Rally Online Edition - Fast arcade rally racing. Sandbox 3d. Puzzle 0hh0 - Companion game to 0hh1 by Q Anagramica - A word game and API for anagrams. Astry - WebGL maze game built with Three. Beatrix - Music game where you arrange the drums to catch the beats and play the right rhythm.

Match tetrominoes to clear the board. Simple as that. Branching Out - Minimalist game about leaving home. Clone Man - Puzzle, memory, retro game with simple graphics. Couch - A physics-based puzzle, loosely related to the original game. Drunken Viking - Retrace your drunken rampage in reverse time. Ending - Roguelike puzzle game.

Point Click Win Game Development - Series Introduction

Follow me! For King - Puzzle platformer game about a king in search for his lost crown. Genetic Drift - Victor, an annoyed janitor dealing with a lot of annoyed clones and the problems that inevitably arise from genetic duplication. Will he make it home to feed his faithful pet companion?. Hex - Hexgrid-based clone of Hexahedral - Push down all the blocks in the minimum number of moves.

Hextris - Addictive puzzle game inspired by Tetris. Infectors - Sokoban-like puzzle game developed with Phaser. Beneath the Surface - You're a firefly lost in the dark, beneath the surface and must find a way out of the mazes created by the horrors in the dark. Maze 3D - A 3D maze game.

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Orbium - Modern version of the 90's game Log! Parity - A numbers puzzle game. Pond - A narrow fellow in the Pond. Prism - Match all the colors. Push and Fork - Puzzle game in which you carry a fork, push blocks, and go back in time.. Shape Experiment - The shape recognition reflex game. Sliding Puzzle - Sliding blocks puzzle game. Sudoku JS - A Sudoku puzzle game with a clean design and mobile devices in mind.

Play it now Swap - New award winning take on the classic tile-based puzzle game, where you change which character you're controlling to reach your goal. TransCube - 2d puzzle platformer based on the concept of transforming into different "blocks", with their unique properties, and making you way to the end of the level with the provided transformations.

What's in this list?

Zoko - 3D version of Sokoban. Zop - Connect like colors. Clicker Particle Clicker - Addictive incremental game that teaches players the history of high energy particle physics. Point and Click The House — You're in a strange house. Can you find the way out?

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Is there any? You have to squash little ASCII beasts between pushable blocks but watch you to not be eaten by them. Descensus 2 - A TypeScript 2D physics game.

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It's written in Dart and runs in your browser. Squirts - Well-known indie game implemented in JavaScript. Turkey Cooking Simulator - You have been invited to craft the centerpiece of the American thanksgiving dinner, the turkey. Apply your culinary expertise to impress your family. Clonepoint - Libre clone of Gunpoint, a game in which you hack and punch your way to victory. DynaDungeons - Bomberman clone using the awesome open source Godot game engine.

Falling Time - Arcade game inspired by Fall Down. Kroniax - Sidescrolling skill-based game. Mystic Mine - Single and multiplayer action game with mining carts. Savage Wheels - 2D car crashing game similar to the old classic Destruction Derby. Space Shooter - Cross platform, 2D space shooting game made using pygame.

SDL-Ball - Pretty looking breakout clone available in most distributions. Taisei - Fan-made, open Source clone of the Touhou series. Teeworlds - Online multi-player platform 2D shooter. Wannabe Tempest - Tempest 80's arcade game clone in Java, and a small project for playing with git. OpenLara - Tomb Raider open-source engine Play it now!

Red Eclipse - Free, casual arena shooter featuring parkour. Smokin' Guns - Semi-realistic simulation of the "Old West's" great atmosphere. Turtle Arena - Third-person action game using the Spearmint engine.

Cozy by Graham, Evan Crows

Warsow - Fast-paced FPS in a futuristic cartoonish world. Forked in , Actively developed. The original codebase for Meridian 59, less frequently updated. Stendhal - a fun friendly and free 2D multiplayer online adventure game with an old school feel.