Diablo 3 mac graphics card fix

So you could build a 27 inch iMac for less than what Apple sells them? I just upgraded my mac 9 months ago and it runs..

Severe Graphic Glitching

All exept for the spider queens zone from Act 1. That just kills me and even with my high end mac, it still lags as if its a 5 year old computer. It pisses me off to be honest. Got a in my Mac Pro, and performance is obviously very good. Only surprise: in 4 player games I sometimes get very noticeable slowdowns. Just terrible. Had no issues in closed beta theya screwed something up big time. I have a MacBook pro from with a corei7 and a M. I get 20 fps on average which is disappointing.

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Combat never really slows it down unless the screen is flooded. But like others, the Caverns of Aranae in Act 1 makes things choppy occasionally. Even at the login screen it starts screaming. Really annoying. Sometimes it works at a low framerate but then suddenly it decides to pretty much freeze up for a few seconds. Pretty silly what a huge difference the OS makes.

Please spit your rage elsewhere… Blizzard team has always develop for both OS, that means we can go on Mac too. Both wife and I installed boot camp, updated drivers and iMac is running perfectly. This news make us happy, especially as they put focus on M.

That means we can give it a try, later on, running the game on OS X.

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Runs mostly fine but noticable frame draps in spider cave and when the screen gets swarmed. Using a Fiio E10 usb headphone amplifier sound gets dropped at lot of times in act 3 and 4. I hope af fix will make it better. I play on a iMac, the highest-end model. Not just Mac users having FPS issues. Mac Pro 8 core 2. Turn settings to low and vsync at 60fps. Still choppy every 3 or 4 seconds. I had no idea about this issue, so imagine my surprise when I buy the game and go to my brothers house for an awesome weekend of gaming….

Total disgust!

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I really felt ripped off, the only reason I bought the game was that my mac mini was listed as acceptable by the minimum specs. I agree with what someone said earlier, this game should run on all systems that meet specs, its not a fps in HD. Right now I am stuck in act one in softcore farming the fields of misery over and over and over again.

The only good news is that my mouse from my d2 days made it to the D3 installment of the franchise and 3 macs. So at least some things work.

2011 Macbook Pro Graphics Card Fix

I am a mac user. The Framerate issues are real, although I am of the opinion that the people complaining are exaggerating somewhat….

Diablo III

How about online gaming? You're not logged in. Register or login to post a comment. Extremly frustrating. Duh… MacBook Air is not intended for playing games? MacBook Pro Nvidia M here. Feels smooth enough when playing. Step 1: Sell Mac.

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Step 2: Buy real PC. Impressive, 14 posts before someone started the flamewars.. What Mac are you running on? Please try again or contact Customer Support. Additional Information We're aware of the low performance reports and apologize about any frustrations it may have caused. Our teams are working on ways to help improve the Mac user experience. Read below on ways to help performance in the mean time. MacBook Pros that have dual graphics cards can set the Mac to always use the better performing graphics card. Check for a case-sensitive formatted HDD.

This format is not supported for installation of Blizzard games. We're working on resolving the issue, but for the time being you may be able to use the workaround below. Many users reported switching to Googles DNS server has resolved the matter for the time being.

Other users have reported using a proxy service has resolved the this error as well.

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  7. This is not supported by Blizzard but you may find additional information about configuring this in our Error thread here. You may need to download this file again. Resolution Delete the file it references.