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The fix to Launchpad problems involves a deleting system and user data, so before proceeding, make sure you have a recent backup. As mentioned above, Launchpad uses a database to store all of the information needed for the app to perform, which means that forcing Launchpad to rebuild its internal database can repair most of the problems encountered. The method for getting the database rebuilt varies a bit depending on the version of OS X you're running, but in all cases, we're going to delete the database and then restart Launchpad.

Launchpad will go to grab information from the database and quickly discover that the file containing the database is missing. Launchpad will then scan for apps on your Mac, grab their icons, and rebuild its database file. Quit Launchpad, if it's open. You can do this by clicking anywhere in the Launchpad app, as long as you don't click on an app icon.

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You need to access your Library folder, which is hidden by the operating system. Once you have the Library folder open and visible in the Finder , you can continue to the next step.

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  • In the Library folder, locate and open the Application Support folder. In the Application Support folder, locate and open the Dock folder. You'll find a number of files in the Dock folder, including one named desktoppicture. Grab all the files in the Dock folder with the dashed set of letters and numbers that end in. Either method works fine. The next time you open Launchpad, the database will be rebuilt. Launching may take a bit longer the first time, while Launchpad rebuilds its database, but other than that, Launchpad should be good to go.

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    OS X Yosemite adds a bit of a wrinkle to the method of removing the Launchpad database. Yosemite and later versions of OS X also maintain a cached copy of the database kept by the system, which also needs to be deleted. At this point, you've deleted the. Launchpad has now been reset.

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    The next time you open Launchpad, the app will rebuild the databases it needs. Launchpad may take a bit longer than usual to launch the first time, and the Launchpad display will now be in its default organization, with Apple apps shown first, and third-party apps next. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.


    Perhaps ask on the Apple forums? Or take the computer to an Apple Store? I did a search and found the solution a few days ago, and, of course, cannot find it again. There are other, more efficient, ways to do what you want but I found this method successful. Basically you do this: 1. Go into launchpad.

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    Drag the icon into your dock. Delete file. Offending icon should be gone from launchpad. This actually worked for Tropico which I thank you, but now when i try to get cities:skylines off the launchpad. I do the exact same thing but when i drag it into the dock it automatically copies another icon of skylines in my dock. Verity View Profile View Posts. If you already have one in your dock then skip the dragging to dock step?

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    Eleisea View Profile View Posts. Finder, home folder, applications as opposed to the applications folder at the top of the hard drive , you'll find icon files for those things appearing in launchpad. Delete them and the problem will vanish. Thank you so much! I've been trying to do with for months!

    Dropping to the dock actually works woo! Clein View Profile View Posts.