How to save videos from instagram on mac

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How to save Instagram videos to your Camera Roll

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Can you save a video from Instagram?

After all, you might want to see it again. But, if you've ever tried to download Instagram videos on PC or Mac, you'll know it's not all that easy. You can't do it straight from the app or website, so how can you make it work? Here, we'll highlight a few tried and tested methods of how to download Instagram videos, so that you can save all your favorites for ever more.

The Tool We Use to Download Instagram Videos to Computer

There are a few different solutions to help you download Instagram videos on PC or Mac , some of which require at least a degree in coding to get your head around. We've selected three of the easiest and most accessible methods to share with you, and we promise you don't need to speak HTML to use them!

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Did you know that there's a way to inspect the source code of the Instagram video page? Well, it doesn't' really matter what it is, and you don't need to understand it at all, because all you're looking for here is a little link that will let you download the video directly to your computer.

How to Download and Save Instagram Photos on PC, iPhone, & Android

Here's how you do it:. This might sound all a bit cumbersome, but once you've had a couple of goes you'll find it's not as hard as it looks. If you're not used to keyboard shortcuts you might have a bit of a learning curve to traverse, but overall, it's a tried and tested method to download Instagram videos on PC and Mac that is popular with many users. If you'd prefer a more elegant way to download Instagram videos on PC or Mac, there are numerous online solutions that can work for you. We've picked DreDown to share with you; it's totally free, founded on excellent anti-capitalist principles and functions with all major social platforms as well as Instagram.

Here's how it works:. On the website it states it also works with Facebook, Keek, Twitter, Twitch, Vevo and many more too, so if you're wondering how to download Instagram videos or any other type of video, this is the website to trust.

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  8. The one last method we wanted to share with you is to use a browser extension to facilitate your download.