Adding beatmaps to osu mac

Fix for iOS9. Fix for In-App purchases not working.

OSU! Mac Song files? | Yahoo Answers

Apologies for the lack of updates and new songs! While I don't want to make any promises about new pack releases, I haven't given up on the iOS platform. Time permissive, my focus is on allowing all osu! PC maps to be loaded and user editable.


This may be on a separate "osu! I will keep posting updates on twitter as we make progress osustream and my personal account ppy. I have reduced the sale price of all packs down to the minimum possible, where they will stay for the foreseeable future. Thanks to everyone who has supported this endeavour! Reach out to me if you have any queries email or twitter works the best. I got this game about a day after I started playing the pc version of osu, and at first I liked it.

The next few days, after I got better at osu of the pc, I wanted more challenging and fast songs for osu mobile.

Adding Beatmaps

Also, the gameplay. It feels terrible.

They idea of having two sides to play at one is great, but gets confusing, like playing an osu beatmap made by someone who cannot perceive the beat. This game should not be called osu, because although it shares some of the same mechanics, it feels completely different.

How to import charts

First of all, I downloaded this game because a friend recommended it to me. So I said okay. I honestly thought there was gong to be a higher selection of songs than this. The next thing I had a problem with was constant crashing. The first time I played this it took me to a tutorial, and I played through that, and then it crashed when I was practicing the finger movements.

It also crashed after I closed it and reopened it. It did it like three times in a row. The game is hard to me anyway. I have been playing osu! However, I never downloaded it until now because I didn't expect it to be all that great. Wait until the beatmap download on the browser is completed. The beatmap can be imported at the next launch of opsu!

YourCatTutorials - How to download and install osu beatmaps and skins

If unpacked songs i. Disconnect device and launch opsu!

OSU! Mac Song files?

Download Servers opsu! Bloodcat Hexide Mnetwork Ripple Available download servers: Pages You signed in with another tab or window.

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  • General Supported chart format. Copy chart file into beatmap directory. Download chart in browser or any apps and select to open with Malody.