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Verify that you have Python on your computer Django requires Python to work. Django can work with different versions of Python.

Open your terminal and type: Step 2: If you are not sure if you have pip on you computer, you can open your terminal and enter: Download the following: Using pip to install Django After you make sure you have pip installed on your computer, go to the terminal and enter: Start a project Step 1: Recent Posts Soul Drop v0. What Others Are Reading. See What Python version can I use with Django? Get the latest version of Python at https: If you are just starting with Django and using Windows, you may find How to install Django on Windows useful.

Code stays in memory throughout the life of an Apache process, which leads to significant performance gains over other server arrangements.

Additional Information

The daemon process can run as a different user than the Web server, possibly leading to improved security. The daemon process can be restarted without restarting the entire Apache Web server, possibly making refreshing your codebase more seamless. Django supports many other deployment options.

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One is uWSGI ; it works very well with nginx. In addition to the officially supported databases, there are backends provided by 3rd parties that allow you to use other databases with Django. Install pip. The easiest is to use the standalone pip installer. We have the information we need for a new virtual environment but we have not activated it yet.

If you are on a Mac you should now see parentheses around the name of your current directory on your command line which indicates the virtual environment is activated. Note that due to an open bug Windows users will not see visual feedback of the virtual environment at this time. But if you can run django-admin startproject in the next section then you know your virtual environment has Django installed properly.

That feels redundant to me since we already created and navigated into a django folder on our Desktop. If you visit http: To stop our local server type Control-c.

Installing Python 3

Then exit our virtual environment using the command exit. We can always reactivate the virtual environment again using pipenv shell at any time. The basic pattern is to install new packages with pipenv , activate them with pipenv shell , and then exit when done with exit. In future chapters we will be creating a brand new virtual environment for each new project.

Chapter 1: Initial Set Up

Either make sure to exit your current environment or open up a new tab for new projects. Git is an indispensable part of modern software development. It is a version control system which can be thought of as an extremely powerful version of track changes in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

With git, you can collaborate with other developers, track all your work via commits, and revert to any previous version of your code even if you accidentally delete something important! On a Mac, because Homebrew is already installed we can simply type brew install git on the command line:. On Windows you should download Git from Git for Windows. Once installed, we need to do a one-time system setup to configure it by declaring the name and email address you want associated with all your Git commits more on this shortly.

Within the command line console type the following two lines.

How To Install Django In Mac

Make sure to update them your name and email address. You can always change these configs later if you desire by retyping the same commands with a new name or email address. The final step is our text editor. While the command line is where we execute commands for our programs, a text editor is where the actual code is written. Experienced developers often prefer using either Vim or Emacs , both decades-old, text-only editors with loyal followings.

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