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Gather all the images you want to use together in one folder. You can use some or all of your Photos collection, selected albums, or choose a folder from your drive. You can choose to include videos.

Get 35 Stunning Aerial Apple TV Screen Savers for Mac OS X

Select the folder of images you have perfected for use as a screensaver. Start After : This setting allows you to choose when your screensaver runs. You can delay the start for up to 30 minutes. Show During Music and Podcasts : When you set this to Yes , your screensaver will work whenever you play music or podcasts on your device. Preview : Lets you preview how your screensaver will look. This is a good way to test how the images in your collection will appear and is a good way to check through the different screensaver transitions you can use.

Random : Your Apple TV will play through all your selected images using randomly selected transitions taken from the following options.

Get the Apple TV Screen Savers for Mac

Cascade : All your images will appear in small onscreen thumbnails. Image contents will cascade across the screen.

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Flip-Up : Your images will flip to the front and slide out of your screen. Floating : Photos float up to the screen at various sizes.

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Over time, your TV will show you numerous simultaneous images. Origami : Multiple images appear on your TV, a random number will appear onscreen at any time and new images will appear to fold into place. Reflections : Images appear on your screen with a slight reflective element at the bottom. Shifting Tiles : Numerous images are shown on your television. New images appear in what feels a random pattern on your screen.

Shrinking Tiles : Images appear onscreen. These appear to shrink in order to create space for new items to become visible.

Screenshots of Mira 3D Waterfall Screensaver

Sliding Panels : Panels of images will appear. These will seem to slide offscreen to be replaced.

3 Best Mac Wallpaper Sources

Snapshots : Images will appear one on top of the other. Pictures will be stylized in order to replicate the feeling of looking through a collection of physical photos. Ken Burns : One of the best effects. Ken Burns adds a sense of movement to your images. You can define the time spent on each slide and assign numerous transitions that take place between each one, these will be familiar to iMovie users.

Get 35 Stunning Aerial Apple TV Screen Savers for Mac OS X

Classic : This is a selection of transitions used on previous generation Apple TVs. These let you define how long each image will appear and provides you with a host of additional transitions you might enjoy to use. Living Art TV : This is a beautiful collection of scenes from a group of artists who create ambient videos for public installations. These include seascapes, fireplaces, aquariums, a duck pond, and rainforest waterfall views. Atmo: HD Scenes of Aquarium, Fireplace, and Nature free : This is a comforting series of scenes, with more views available as in-app purchases.

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Continue Reading. Green Waterfalls is offered as a free download Faster PC? FlashSCR 6.

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