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Built-in Database Connectivity : Mac Excel cannot sync with data from external databases. Some data can be imported from external sources, but updated sync is not possible. All the modifiers are different, too, so have fun with that muscle memory. As you can see from the pricing chart below, the cost of Microsoft Office for both Windows and macOS is the same. Basically, for Mac users, you are paying the same price for a product with less features.

I am sure this can be frustrating for many. These missing features will almost certainly not be added to Office for Mac in the future. The operating systems have essentially two different, parallel versions, with different features and development tracks. You can also install Boot Camp on your Mac to boot into a full version of Windows.

Multi-license users can install it on both operating systems. So Mac users should vote with their wallets or quit complaining. Life here is not so bad after all! I wish you the best anyways…bless you. Anybody who buys a crippled features missing product for the same price as the full-featured product is not the sharpest tool in the workshop. Inasmuch as I do not like Microsoft, I must admire how they are able to convince people to purchase their inferior products.

This is horses for course — Mac is not essentially better than Windows its different! Skip to content. Is this article useful? Yes No. Comments 7. Facebook Tweet. Feb 9, at am. Pierre Laroche. Good article!! Feb 10, at am. What hate?

Install and Activate an Excel Power Query Add-In

Tim M. Note that it is the same download for Excel and Power Query is a quirky thing. It requires a number of additional pieces of software to work, and one of them is a recent version of Internet Explorer. If you have had any version management issues with Power Pivot for Excel that are not covered here, I would love to hear from you in the comments. If you want a comprehensive lesson on how to use Power Query, checkout my training course here.

Check the database server or contact your database administrator. Make sure the external database is available, and then try the operation again. Any suggestions?

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I have a x64 PC with 32bit Excel I need to work with multiple data sets largest being just over k rows. I have downloaded the x86 32 bit PowerPivot plug-in and get the error message not enough memory available on system when trying to import the largest data set. Therefore, I believe I need the 64 bit version of excel In your experience working with companies and IT departments, is it easy to convince IT to have just one PC at least installed with 64 bit Office or is it generally a company wide initiative if it was to be undertaken due to licencing issues etc.

Also if I were to only have my PC set up with 64bit excel and PowerPivot 64bit, what implications would that have when other users with only 32 bit excel and 32bit PowerPivot add-in when querying the data and using slicers etc. Have a read of my last couple of blog posts at PowerPivotPro. More likely the issue is the shape of your data. How many columns do you have in your data table? Can you reshape it so it is long and narrow?

Do you need all the columns you are brining in? Thank you so much for your clear and complete explanations. You are a lifesaver! I recently migrated to a new PC. PowerPivot would not work correctly. This was a critical problem because I rely on PowerPivot for many of my operations.

I ultimately identified the problem as a Version 1 vs. Version 2 issue.

Computer requirements to run Portfolio Slicer - Portfolio Slicer

For one reason or another the current Microsoft download links generally point to Version 1 copies of PowerPivot which do not work with 32 bit Excel running on Windows 10 or any models created with Version 2. The correct version, Version 2, has a size of , KB. The incorrect version, Version 1, has a size of 93, KB.

Otherwise, it is impossible to identify one from the other. Everyone: carefully examine any versions you download to insure you actually received Version 2.

Thank you for this very helpful post! As you have described, my company has installed Windows x64, but Office x The x86 really threw me for a loop and I just spent over an hour and a phone call to Microsoft… fun times to figure that fact out. Thanks Rachel for sharing your experience.

We all go through this learning experience — I remember many years ago being stumped. I have updated the post to reflect this and hopefully save someone else some pain. To be fair to Microsoft, Excel is 6 years old and has been superseded by 2 complete releases since then. I realise this may not help you given your corporate environment setup, but the issues of backward compatibility have actually been managed pretty well in my view. Power Pivot was built and released after Excel was released.

The fact that MS made it available at all was a good thing. I have developed a Power Pivot in Excel for my client. However, my client only has Excel and nothing else i. There is no backward compatibility from to There are really only a couple of options 1. Redo the workbooks in 2. Host the workbook on a server and share it that way.


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Could I ask you to elaborate about option 3? I have a model in Excel that I would like to share to Excel users. How do I do this?

How to: Install The PowerPivot Add-In For Excel

I had the idea that the users could use the model but not do changes to the model. However I would like to have the model updated automatically since it uses data from our ERP-solution. Some facts:. It is not possible to interact with an Excel workbook in Excel You could try to publish the workbook to Power BI and then either share from there or you could try Analyze in Excel.

If the latter works for both versions, you could rewrite the front end reports in the new thin workbook and distribute that instead.


I cover Analyze in Excel in a recent blog post. Hi Matt, one question more. I have rewritten the model in Excel What is the best way to distribute to people having Excel but not Powerpivot installed? Soren, there is no 1 best way — it depends on your situation. If your users can install Power Pivot on their own PC, then that would be a good approach.

Pivot Charts Are Here!

If IT will support you, even better. You could put a download link on the front page of the workbook. These days you have the option to publish the Excel to Power BI. Windows 10 is just the platform for Microsoft Office and hence Microsoft Excel. As long as you have Excel or the right version then you can install these two.

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The problem that I have is the following:. There are two requested add-ins for the course: — Power Query add-in — Power Pivot add-in. I have Excel installed and my MS Office version is 32 bits. My OS version is 64 bits though. I downloaded the two add-ins successfully but the problem arose when I tried to install the add-ins. As per our chat, it sounds like you have an old version of Office You should upgrade for free to the latest service pack. Then install the right version of the plugins.

Matt… Great post! On V1 vs V2.

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