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Active 6 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 9k times. Vasu Vasu 3, 5 5 gold badges 36 36 silver badges 47 47 bronze badges. I followed the following steps, to resolve my issue by making Xcode to support iOS 6: 1. Then mount this image and use "Show Package Contents" from context menu. Re-start Xcode and re-connect the device s. However, answer to How to restore iPhone to older version say 5. This is so simple and so awesome. Thank you. Excellent information.

How To Find The IPSW File on Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion

Same technique worked out for Xcode 4. However I believe this should work. Using this approach, I doubt one would be able to run iOS 7 simulator s. But I am able to debug my app previously build for iOS 5. I had the exactly same problem! J2theC J2theC 4, 1 1 gold badge 8 8 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. I am not able to upgrade to Xcode 4.

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Pages is an example of an app that can browse a file tree via WebDAV and edit content. However, planning how each type of file is accessed and what type of editing can be done on each file type or what type of resources need to be accessible can be difficult e. If you are trying to replace computers with iOS devices a la post-PC then you would need to plan each business task that needs to be performed and make sure not only that there is an app for that or an app you build for that but also make sure that you can round trip data from a shared repository and back to the network storage that the data resides on.

This can be done with iPhone Configuration Utility. This is all probably starting to seem terribly complicated. First, AppleIDs cannot be centrally managed.

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Fourth, synchronizing content is done primarily through iTunes, which only syncs a device at a time, making preparation of large numbers of systems terribly complicated. This tool basically fixes all of the problems that we reference, but does so over USB. Rename devices using a numbered scheme e. Erase wipe iOS devices. Backup and Restore iOS devices.

Export profiles.

Lion and Mountain Lion Still Available, Unlike iOS 6

Activate devices after all a restore of a freshly activated device is an activation. Push any kind of app to devices. Assign users from directory services to devices. Can work with up to 30 devices simultaneously think big USB hubs or carts on wheels here. These VPP codes are purchased through a centralized program for an entire organization.

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You also basically need to be in the United States. I see a number of uses for Apple Configurator. Some of these use cases include: Company and education labs: manage devices end-to-end no MDM, iTunes iPhone Configuration Utility or other tools needed , managed by the lab manager. One-to-One environments schools : Manage the distribution of infrastructure settings mail, wireless networks, etc for devices as well as Trust Profiles to make it faster to enroll in MDM environments and Web Clips to manage the links for enrollment. Instead, it just makes things better. Overall, Apple Configurator is a welcome addition to the bat belt that we all have for iOS management and deployment.

There are two ways to use Apple Configurator. The first is to Prepare Devices. Preparation settings do not persist. And while applications can be pushed through Preparation, updates for those applications will be tied to the AppleID that purchased the app. The second is Supervise. Supervising devices is an option when preparing and allows you to have persistent changes to devices, to layer new settings the next time devices are plugged in, to add applications and the most intriguing aspect of iOS management here is reallocating VPP codes to new devices when a user or device is retired.

Supervising devices also allows for assigning a given user to a device and thus pushing data into an application. When installed, you are presented with three options. The first going from left to right is to Prepare Devices. To do so, simply click Prepare Devices to bring up the main Apple Configurator screen and then click in the Restore field.

Click Save to make the first backup.

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This will become a little more obvious the first time we go to restore a device. You can also use the Other option in the selection menu to browse to another location and select another backup e. In fact, I would probably try to set everything in Profile Manager or your MDM provider that you can if you have one and use Apple Configurator for as little as possible.

Then, check the box for Erase all contents and settings and choose your image from the Restore menu. This is how it will appear in the Profiles section of Apple Configurator. Optionally, give it some notes, organization name, etc. You can deploy multiple of each, so if you have 10 wireless networks, 4 Email accounts, 9 VPN connections, 29 SSL Certs etc, you could deploy them all easily with multiple entries of each.

Click on the Configure button.

When using a Profile Manager server called mdm. Not to get off topic, but did anyone else notice that Profile Manager in I also like enrollment links to be Full Screen. From Profile Manager we already downloaded the Trust Profile. Click Open. Each app in iTunes is stored as an. To do so, open iTunes and click on an app iBooks in our example and click on Show in Finder. Show Apps in iTunes Note: Not all app. If you Show in Finder from the contextual menu of an app in iTunes it will automatically highlight the correct app in the Finder when it opens a Finder screen.

These are emailed to you when you buy apps through the Volume Purchasing Program. These files represent applications that have been prepared for distribution.

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When importing, it will take as long as it takes to copy from the source to that directory. The entry in that directory is roughly the same size as the app.

https://ocipugob.tk Now for the dangerous part. I love to start with a device at the activation screen. The application count will go down for VPP apps as each device is configured. I have given Seasonpass under Windows 7 a chance. That solved the problem for me. The modified firmware was created and the rebuild with the modified firmware was successful. The script looks for a special folder where the modified firmware would be stored.