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When you print next time, this printer driver will be selected automatically. If you checked multiple drivers in Step 2 to monitor more than one Brother Machine, you can select which machine's status is displayed at times other than when errors occur. Go to Step III. If "Offline" is still displayed, restart the Status Monitor by following the steps below and check the status again. If you use the Brother machine via network connection, the security software may cause the Status Monitor display incorrect status of the Brother machine.

Below are names used to refer to the Status Monitor on the security software.

Have you checked the manuals?

For instructions on how to configure the security software, see the user's guide for your security software or contact the security software manufacturer. Check if you can print to the printer from your computer.

If you cannot print from your computer If you cannot print, check the solution applicable to your case. If you use the Brother machine via USB connection, click here to see information to resolve the issue of being unable to print via USB. If you use the Brother machine via network connection, click here to see information to resolve the issue of being unable to print via network.

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If you can print from your computer Check the solution applicable to your case. Verify the Status Monitor is displaying or monitoring the correct Brother machine. Step I: Locate the proper printer driver. Step II: Verify the "Device to Monitor" setting.

Right click the Status Monitor on the tasktray, and then click Device to Monitor. The installed Brother machine's drivers will be listed. If you multiple Brother Machines or installed the driver multiple times, the multiple drivers will be listed. Click OK. You will get immediate notification of errors such as paper empty, paper jam or ink empty.

Step III: Verify the "Device to Display" setting. It would be nice though to have a fix for this. I have called brother, and they told me that this is the nature of wireless typical its not my fault answer. Oct 8, 1 0 4, 0. This fix worked for me: Assign the printer a static IP address via your wired or wireless router. The option is found within the printer's settings under Network. After upgrading my Wi-Fi router, this started occurring. Implementing above steps has resulted in a solid connection for almost one month. I also assigned Static IPs to the remainder of permanent devices on my network.

Dunno if that was necessary, but my thinking is that it would free up some of the processing required by DHCP, reducing the risk for assignment error by the Netgear router. Oct 18, 1 0 4, 0. The answers provided in this post may fix one underlying problem only to create another. Most routers use dhcp to assign addresses to devices.

DHCP has a whole process for devices to broadcast a request and routers to recognize that broadcast reqeust and broadcast a reply that results in the requesting addressing being assigned a unique address. The router then keeps track of which addresses it handed out and thus never hands out the same address to two different devices.

The printer status is Offline or Paused. (For Macintosh)

To customers down on waist DHCP requires a periodic renewal of the address. So along with the address the router assigns an expiration. This tells the computer when to ask the router for a new address and tells the router when it may assign this address to another device.

Most routers go the extra mile and do not release the address to a new device unless they show all addresses had been assigned. Only then will the router roll around and reuse expired addresses. It also tries its best to match devices renewals up with their originally assigned address to prevent complications caused by your address changing.

DHCP is not ever required to renew the same address to the same device. It is a given when using dhcp that your address is a "floating address" and could change at any time. The problem is that nearly every router forgets its assignment memory whenever the router is restarted. This causes it to start reassigning at the beginning of it address pool.

This is the cause of the first problem, which was properly thwarted in this post.

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ANY server needs an address that clients can find. A network printer is a print server and thus you computer needs to find it. It can do this 1 of two ways, name resolution and ip address. All of these require a dedicated server to host a database that keeps track of names and their associated addresses, which are either typed in by an admin or coupled with a dhcp to know which names were assigned to which ip addresses. NETBIOS answers the call with a system that automatically chooses a device to keep track of the other devices names and addresses on a network segment.

The problems are that NETBIOS takes time to collect the needed info by listening to the network, it is a Microsoft technology with limited adoption outside windows, and isn't always thorough. NETBIOS does not roll with ip address changes very quickly and your computer can easily end up "loosing track" of where to send you print jobs. The solution is to ditch DHCP on all server devices including print servers. By choosing an address and never letting dhcp or anyone else change it, then your computer can depend on where it needs to send prinot jobs.

So the easiest solution is to look on the printer or in your router for the printer's current address and just switch the printer to static and place the same address information in it. This is the cause of your second problem. Without going into too much math and IP theory, for the most part in this application, each network block has usable addresses.

Routers use special network ip blocks of numbers that were kept off the Internet to prevent you from trying to communicate with Google and instead getting your printer's config Web page. These are a handful of these reserved network blocks but by far most routers areally configured for The x represents a number from 0 to which identifies any of network blocks that your router can use. The y represents any of addresses numbered from 1 to within the x block that can be. The x you usually do not have to worry about because most router manufacturers choose a default one for you.

Most choose x to be somewhere between 0 and 5.

How To Fix Printer Offline Issues On Windows 10/8/7

For our purposes we are going to choose 1. So our router will manage traffic for the network The y is what dhcp and static addresses is concerned with. Inside every router you will find a set of dhcp options which say a variation of the following: The ones managed by dhcp and the ones that are free to assign statically. On fancy corporate dhcp servers we define a pool with a start and end address and a whole slew of options and ever address between those addresses is free for the dhcp server to assign to devices and keep track of.

The rest of the addresses above that are considered dhcp owned addresses. For our example I will set the start address to This means that my router now manages automatic address assignments for If I want my printer to have a permanent ip address, I can either go into my router's dhcp options and make a "dhcp reservation", go into dhcp and make a "static exclusion" or simple pick any unused address from outside the dhcp pool. The first option dhip reservation is fast becoming one not included in residential but basically tells the dhcp portion of the router to always assign the chosen dhcp address to the same device.

This option survives reboots and is a quite reliable way to assign something that is as close to a static address as possible. You would leave the printer or other device set as dhcp and it would always get the same address and you could use that address in every client computers print driver. However like I said this is not always available. The second option static exclusion is never available on anything but the nicest dhcp servers.

It basically tells the router to never use one or its addresses thus poking a whole in the dhcp address pool and making that address available for static assignment. With this option the dhcp would be configured to exclude one or more of the The device would be set to static and the excluded ip address would be configured manually on the device.

The 3rd, last, best and always available option simply involves picking an address outside of the dhcp pool. You must pick an address that has never been used.

The Status Monitor for the Brother machine displays: Offline. What can I do?

In our example we would pick an address between 1 and You must keep track of these as it can be difficult to figure out what addresses have already been used. Running a ping on an address you are thinking of using and making sure nothing replies is a good quick check but may not always tell you when an address is in use by a powered off device. I am going to assume that this is a simple network with a router which is always static on address I will just decide to put my printer on I will then go to my printer, set it to static and type in my new ip address, subnet mask If you want advanced features to work you may also want to put in dns server settings from your is or router.

Last go around to each computer, go into printer's and devices and right click and select printer properties. On the ports tab create a new port and give it the new ip address as its address. Let it auto detect the type and when finished adding the port make sure you printer is assigned only to that port.

Brother HL-4070CDW Printer Keeps Going Offline

The problem with the above answers are that they have a high risk of causing an IP conflict which will cause all of the symptoms described above due to using an address in the dhcp pool without a reservation or exclusion. If you simply take your dhcp address and move it into your printer, then your router will assign that address via dhcp to another device the next time it is restarted.

It takes some work but if you do it right it will always work. Oct 23, 1 0 4, 0.

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Ok, first for quick, changing the check box in printer properties worked to get my computer to find the printer, but this detailed piece from John is probably why I suddenly had trouble with my printer. I assigned a laptop a static address so that I could get port forwarding to work for more than 5 minutes, but I didn't do it the way he explained Thanks John johnham:. Nov 2, 1 0 4, 0. Ian Ashton Distinguished. Dec 16, 2 0 18, 0. This did the trick and printing resumed. Dec 23, 1 0 4, 0. Jan 2, 1 0 4, 0. Guest Guest. I have read so many of these threads and run into one problem or another.