Cant open facebook on mac

Try these solutions one by one: Clear your browser cache. Select the time range and click Clear Now. Quit and then restart Firefox. Click Empty. Quit and then restart Safari. Select the checkboxes as appropriate. Click Clear Browsing Data. Ensure that you have JavaScript enabled. Click Content. Select Enable JavaScript. Close the Preferences dialog box and reload the web page. Select the Security tab.

Google Chrome. Click the Under The Hood tab. Click the Content Settings button. In the Content Settings window, select allow all sites to run JavaScript. Quit any other applications that are connected to the Internet. Give your game exclusive use of your Internet connection. Don't use a wireless connection. Disable pop-up blockers. Get the latest browser version.

If you still have problems, download and install the latest version of your browser select the correct installer for your Mac OS version: Safari Firefox Opera Chrome. Search game forums or file a bug. Solve video and sound audio problems. Follow manufacturer recommendations. Follow recommendations of the computer manufacturer for sound or video problems. For example: Adjust the volume on your Mac by pressing the F12 and F11 keys.

If you can’t open a website in Safari on Mac

Adjust the volume of the video in the website that you are viewing. Shut down and restart your Mac. Verify that you have the latest version of Flash Player. If this box appears on the About Flash Player page, it shows the Flash Player version installed on your computer.

Solve problems with online games

Refresh the web page. Confirm that your computer is set to allow the content to play.

Other Solutions to the Connectivity Problem

Select the Global Storage Settings panel in the left column. The Global Storage Settings Panel appears. In your browser, open the web page where you encountered problems with Flash Player. Click the Privacy settings menu item to display the Privacy settings panel.

Select Allow to let the website access your webcam and microphone. Quit and then restart your browser. Try playing a video. Free network bandwidth and check your hardware configuration. Solve webcam problems. Verify whether the built-in iSight camera is functioning. Start iChat. A preview from the webcam appears. If the preview does not appear, your iSight camera is not working.

For more information, see the Apple troubleshooting guide. Quit all applications that use the webcam.

Why can't I go on Facebook on my Mac? - Apple Community

I had the exact same symptoms as you are seeing once, but with imgur, not facebook, and that was the problem. But I'm getting facebook with ipv6 just fine, so This link explains how to edit the file. Don't forget running the command mentioned by Lanark above and restarting all browsers or failing that the whole computer as the final step.

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As to how those spurious lines got into that file, most likely someone at some point added it manually, trying to be helpful. Or else some malware did it.

There should be no facebook entry in your hosts files, especially wrong ones. That's got to be the problem.

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I'd definitely worry about malware after finding something like that in my hosts file, because short of human intervention nothing should have put that there Your suggestions worked, you guys! You just solved in 10 minutes what hours of Googling, weeks of stressing, and a wasted morning on the phone with Apple support didn't fix.

If any of you are ever in Atlanta, let me know and I'll buy you a beer. Of course now you will have to spent countless hours on FB: If I found an entry in my Hosts file that I hadn't put there, it'd be time to nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure clean reinstall of the entire OS. Googling that IP address, it does seem to belong to facebook, although not currently responding, so I'm guessing it was a misconfiguration rather than malware.

Fix "Safari Can't Find The Server" MAC

Facebook should not be able to change your Hosts file. Is any app able to change your Hosts file on a Mac?

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  4. I say it was added by malware. It redirected your use of the URLs associated with facebook, including the secure page, to a different IP address. It could have been a fake FB page, up just long enough to snag your username and password, then deleted.

    I cannot open Facebook on my Mac Pro laptop or iMac, only my iPhone.

    You may have some surprises when you open your Facebook page. I did a whois on the IP and it appears as if facebook has had that range since August My guess would be malware redirected you temporarily and they hid their tracks poorly. AS NetName: NET Parent: NET NetType: Direct Assignment RegDate: Facebook, Inc. Menlo Park StateProv: CA PostalCode: