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Is there a way to preserve the folder structure within the 'new from template' dialog box?

We have many site specific templates so the ability to navigate through templates would be useful. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 3.


Microsoft Agent. Appreciate your understanding. Regards, Zixuan.

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View buttons: The three view buttons — Thumbnail, List view with Preview , and List view without Preview — change the way the files in the right pane Brochure templates, in the figure are displayed. Recent tab: You can choose the number of documents it remembers in the Settings tab.

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  • Project Center tab: Displays a list of your projects. Click a project, and its associated files are displayed in the right pane. Settings tab: Here are the calculations for my duration series: Now that you have sorted out your data, you can start building your graphic. Click on 2D Stacked Bar from the menu that appears. Pages will automatically generate a basic stacked bar chart that looks like this: Click on the Edit Chart Data button that appears after selecting the chart area.

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    Select the first cell in the top-left corner of the Edit Chart window that shows up and paste the copied items. Pages will replace the placeholder data with your own and the graphic will be instantly updated to display the new details. Now that that your chart has the right data in, you need to format it to make it look more like a Gantt.

    This means making the blue bars transparent so that only the green ones remain visible these will represent the tasks of your project schedule. To do so, you need to select the chart area and:.

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    Double-click on any of the blue bars of the graphic, which will select the whole series. Go to the Style tab of the Format pane on the right side of the Pages document.

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    Click on the color indicator next to Fill and select No Fill. The resulting graphic will look like the one below: With your Gantt chart properly set up, you can now make further customizations to add meaning and help it stand out better. If you want to recolor your tasks simultaneously, click on the chart area and then on any of the bars to select all of them at once. Then go to the Style tab of the Format pane and use the color indicator next to Fill to choose a new hue. In my example, I picked a pale blue. Currently, your tasks are seen as a single series, and that's why you can edit them only all at once.

    To recolor your chart bars individually, your tasks need to be distributed in separate series, which will require you to:. Insert a few extra rows beneath Duration , which you can name Color 2 , Color 3 , Color 4 and so on. As you can see in the image below, the newly added lines will generate different hues for your graphic that you can further customize afterwards. Now, to move a task into a separate series or color category, cut its Duration value from its original row and paste it into one of the new lines, keeping the same column the same goes for the rest of the tasks.

    Here is how I set up the new color palette for my graphic: As the image above shows, the tasks that have their Duration values on the same row are considered as a single series with the same color e. Preparatory Phase and Testing Phase , which means they'll all be customized at once. The tasks with their duration values distributed on different rows are considered distinct series that can be customized separately - as shown in the following step.

    This is how I changed my Gantt chart's default colors: While in the Style section, you may also want to apply a few effects such as strokes and shadows.

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